3 More Signs of Transmission Failure

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3 More Signs of Transmission Failure

In our last post, we took a look at some of the common signs of transmission failure. However, there are more signs than we could include in a single post, so we’re continuing our list this month. The transmission is an essential part of your car, whether you drive manual or automatic. It’s what’s responsible for shifting your car in and out of gear, so without it, your car won’t run at all. Serious damage to your transmission is also expensive to repair, so you want to catch problems early and bring it to your mechanic as soon as you realize there’s a problem.


Here are three more signs that you need to get to your mechanic before your transmission fails.


Dashboard Warning Lights

Modern cars have warning lights for just about everything, including your transmission. In an older car, you may have fewer warning lights that cover multiple issues. No matter what is making your dashboard light up, you should never ignore those lights. The computer in your car is carefully calibrated to detect problems with your engine and the systems in your vehicle, often even before you can notice them. By going to your mechanic as soon as one of those lights goes on, you can save yourself a lot of hassle and money by taking care of the problem early.


Burning Smell

If you ever smell something burning coming from your car, that’s never a good sign. The smell of overheated or burned oil can be caused by overheating due to slipping gears or low transmission fluid. Even if the burning smell is from another issue, you’ll be glad you took it to your mechanic to have it repaired.


Leaking Fluid

Your transmission relies on transmission fluid to run smoothly. If you notice a puddle of red or brown fluid on your driveway or the floor of your garage, that’s probably a transmission fluid leak. You’ll not only want to top off the fluid but also identify the source of the leak and stop it. Transmission fluid can also become contaminated. If it’s dark or smells burnt, that indicates you need to change it.


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3 More Signs of Transmission Failure

Here are three more signs that you need to get to your mechanic before your transmission fails.